NPV recently started offering hosted PBX solutions for small businesses. A PBX is a manually or automatically operated telephone facility that handles communications within an office, office building, or organization and that is connected to the public telephone network. It allows you to assign extensions to each phone and dial extension to extension, or extension to the outside world.

We believe that NPV’s  solution will not only improve your costs but will also be a better fit to help you drive operational improvements, employee productivity and customer satisfaction. NPV PBX is a complete solution that incorporates all of the advantages of a true hosted IP phone system versus a premises-based managed system, including:

  • No risk of technological obsolescence. No “end of life” hardware. All feature enhancements and upgrades are done automatically in the hosted environment.
  • No need to secure, protect, power and manage an on-site phone system.
  • Flexibility to grow and shrink based on the evolving needs of your business.
  • Multisite support out of the box. New locations just become part of the system. Bring a VOIP phone anywhere, plug into the internet, and your extension rings at the new location. Offices with multiple locations in multiple countries can dial each other at no cost. Imagine 3 digit dialing to Bangalore
  • No upfront capital investment required. Either buy the phones or lease the phones and you are done.
  • No maintenance contract expense and no additional cost for any moves, adds or changes.
  • Unified messaging – voicemails always arrive as a wav file attachment to your emails.
  • Program  your smart phone to be an extension as well, and make extension to extension calls at no cost. Data plan minute may be required.
  • Any extension can be assigned a direct dial number so calls come directly to that extension, or calls can be routed via a switchboard.

As you move forward in this process, our NPV PBX specialist will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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