At NPV Corporation, we understand the need for efficient, reliable and up-to-date Information Technology. When embarking on a new Managed IT Support relationship with NPV Corporation, we will audit your IT environment down the smallest details.  This process enables us to develop a clear picture of what technology you have, what technology you need and how we will maintain it and make any necessary changes to your existing configuration.

Our BASIC IT SUPPORT services include:

Infrastructure Management

Our infrastructure Management capabilities allow us to assume responsibility of your entire information technology (IT) infrastructure such as workstations (desktops, laptops, notebooks, etc.), servers, network devices, tablets, phones, and storage devices. We work to ensure the reliability, performance and security of your IT infrastructure and manage future changes and upgrades to the network. Our teams of qualified IT professionals are microsoft-appleadept at managing any organizations network infrastructure.

Our staff is competent at a variety of operating systems and applications, including Windows and Macs.

We provide 24/7 monitoring.

Desktop, User and Resource Management

We provide both local and centralized management of users, desktop and network resources such as printers, copiers and scanners. Our staff is adept with tools such as Active directory and Samba to provide a centralized, secure and better organized network. We regularly work with Administrative teams to determine and configure user roles and profiles.

Application Management

Every business relies on various specialty applications such as Accounting and HR applications. Our staff has experience working with vendors to debug issues with some of these specialized applications. We have worked with vendors such as Intuit, Sage Peachtree and others to keep these applications running smoothly. We can also develop custom application suited to your organization.

Help Desk

Our help desk offers remote and regular on-site support to address requests that require immediate attention. Our help desk utilizes tools and processes to provide quick and efficient services whenever necessary.

  • On Site and Remote Support
  • Proactive IT Planning
  • And more!

Managed Network Connectivity

Our Firewall and VPN services are designed to minimize the risk of malicious attacks on your IT network.

We assist businesses who want to make the most of high speed internet access while ensuring that the associated risks, liabilities, management and support issues have been addressed. Service begins with the installation of an advanced enterprise level hardened Linux OS firewall featuring statefull packet inspection and adaptive firewall technologies taking advantage of the built in packet filtering capabilities in the Linux kernel. We also provide networking monitoring services.

All hardware and software is owned and managed by NPV and is provided as part of a service contract, there is no special equipment or software to purchase.  Network connectivity is compatible with all types of high-speed circuits from all major Internet service providers.  If our customer does not already have a high-speed line, NPV can help find and select a provider to meet our customer’s needs.

If you are interested in our Firewall and VPN services, you may also want to read about our Business Continuity/Disaster Planning services.

NPV can also assist you with other services such as Data Backup and Recovery, Virtualization, Cloud Solutions.

Contact us today to see how NPV Corporation can streamline, optimize and harden your IT infrastructure so you can stop worrying about your computers and focus on your work!