Hosted PBX for Small and Medium Businesses

Communication is the one of the most important footholds for small businesses because if small and medium sized businesses do not have the latest technology infrastructure, they cannot do business. Hosted PBX systems has brought a major change in the way small and medium sized businesses communicate.

Small and medium businesses need leads. These businesses can use their business phone to integrate all business activities. Hosted PBX allows for a wide range of features that integrate and back up almost all the business leads and activities. This way there is even less potential for a loss of business opportunities.

Features of Hosted PBX:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call Hunt
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Voicemail
  • calling between extensions,
  • geographical integration
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • toll free number

Hosted PBX is a cost-effective and scalable system that seems to be the perfect fit for small and medium sized businesses giving them a robust communication interface without any physical setup.

For more information on Hosted PBX, contact NPV.

IT Services for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

In the Healthcare industry technology plays an important role. Healthcare providers need to capture and store the crucial health and treatment information of patients.  IT support has an important place in this industry. With the increase in competition and confidentiality the latest technology and support is needed in the medical sector.

IT companies need to give medical practitioners and health care facilities 24/7/365 monitoring and repair and software management.  Electronic Medical Record (HER), Electronic Health Record (EHR) support services, virus protection, security and protection, are all necessary components to IT support services for the medical industry.

By outsourcing IT services operational cost can be reduced because there is no need to have an on-site technical support center. For more information on medical IT Services, contact NPV.

Education Through Moodle and Wave

A new piece of software designed to simplify formative and summative tests in higher education has been unveiled. The software, Wave, connects the institution’s LMS with classroom clickers and other devices.

Wave works with both traditional student response systems (classroom clickers) and mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and laptops to capture real-time responses from students in the institution’s central learning management system. It works with eInstruction clickers or eInstruction’s apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X, supporting up to 1,000 students. The software accepts multiple question types, including multiple choice, multiple select, short answer, and true/false.

At present, the system is designed to support Moodle and Blackboard systems. However, eInstruction indicated that additional systems will be supported this year.

For more information on Moodle and Wave integration, contact NPV.

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