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About NPV Corporation

NPV Corporation is an IT consulting firm, specializing in creating, implementing and sustaining IT solutions. We provide IT services and expertise to companies that realize the importance of an IT strategy in their business, but lack the infrastructure, skills, or experience necessary to successfully establish and maintain an IT infrastructure. To provide holistic, innovative and […]

Hosted PBX for Small and Medium Businesses

Communication is the one of the most important footholds for small businesses because if small and medium sized businesses do not have the latest technology infrastructure, they cannot do business. Hosted PBX systems has brought a major change in the way small and medium sized businesses communicate. Small and medium businesses need leads. These businesses […]

IT Services for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

In the Healthcare industry technology plays an important role. Healthcare providers need to capture and store the crucial health and treatment information of patients.  IT support has an important place in this industry. With the increase in competition and confidentiality the latest technology and support is needed in the medical sector. IT companies need to […]

Education Through Moodle and Wave

A new piece of software designed to simplify formative and summative tests in higher education has been unveiled. The software, Wave, connects the institution’s LMS with classroom clickers and other devices. Wave works with both traditional student response systems (classroom clickers) and mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and laptops to capture real-time responses from […]

Teachers Love Moodle

The open-source course management package known as Moodle has gained a large following among educators since it launched. In an annual survey, it was voted 11th in the list of Top Tools for Learning 2012 by the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Now available on Windows, Mac and Linux, the Moodle project claims 64 […]

The Role of IT Managed Services

Every business needs to invest some amount of money in their IT systems. IT systems store, recover, translate and manipulate data that the company holds which allows them to make informed decisions. Without proper and effective management, deadlocks can occur in companies, especially at the time of disasters. Therefore, companies hire IT consultants to help […]

Do Not Take Data Recovery for Granted

We have discussed many reasons for data loss in the last several blogs. However, you can also lose  data by taking recovery for granted. This applies to all of those reasons for data loss. This one is pretty simple – simply assuming recovery will work. Your Other Choice You remember the age-old saying concerning what […]

Losing Your Data from Computer Disasters

Shortcut to Losing Your Data Disasters are not a leading cause of data loss by any means. Data loss due to disasters occurs no more than 1% to 3% of the time. In order to avoid losing data, do not focus on the relative rarity of disasters and ignore the severe consequences when a disaster […]

Protect Against Computer Viruses

An easy way to losing your data is to neglect to install a firewall and anti-virus software.  Computer viruses rangefrom the annoying to those that threaten not only the systems of your organization but your organization’s reputation as well. The easiest way to lose your data with respect to computer viruses is to not install […]

Data Loss Through Theft

Theft is another cause of data loss. Theft manifests itself either via a “data spill” in which data isn’t lost but instead made available to third-parties for whom the data wasn’t intended or in outright destruction. For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to limit our discussion to outright destruction of data.   The […]