Cloud computing transfers the workload from your own computers to a remote network of computers. The client computer is set up with an interface (such as a web browser) which allows the computer to access the power of the cloud. The cloud can support your networking, storage, and management and business applications.

Why You Should Connect to the Cloud:

  • Reduced workload on your organization computers
  • Your staff has access to the cloud 24/7, from any device, and from any location
  • Collaborative projects are supported by cloud based applications
  • Security and privacy guaranteed

NPV can help you get started:

  1. Find out what cloud computing can do for your organization
  2. Determine which cloud computing approach and applications are right for you
  3. Implement a holistic IT to integrate cloud computing into your current IT infrastructure

We provide the following Cloud based services:

Google Apps Migration

Google Apps is a comprehensive replacement for collaborative software servers such as Microsoft Exchange. Google Apps can host all your information needs, including Email, Documents, Calendar, Tasks, and more, via any compatible web browser or mobile devices.Google Apps

With a Google Apps installation performed by NPV Corporation, you can outsource your organization’s messaging, scheduling and collaborative needs by relying on Google’s cloud infrastructure. As opposed to having your local office server do all the work, your collaborative needs are outsourced to Google’s cloud infrastructure.  There are many benefits of such an approach, not the least of which are redundancy and high availability of your important data.

NPV Corporation has executed Google Apps migrations for many organizations, in both the public and private sectors.  We pride ourselves on carefully planning the migrations so as to maintain transparency and minimize any impact on your workflow.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a comparable solution to Google Apps. It includes Office apps, share point, email and calendar features, file sharing, web conferencing, and web building tools. This versatile business suite puts the tools you are familiar with on the Cloud so that you can use them on the go, and access them from anywhere, and from any 365

Office 365 is suitable for the collaborative work that is important in any business setting. Staff can sync calendars, host online meetings on HD video conferencing, make use of the screen sharing feature, and share files securely.

Talk to NPV today about the advantages of using Office 365.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting refers to a virtual server that is run on the cloud. Cloud servers utilize resources more efficiently and help to free up your in-house IT network for other tasks.  Cloud servers are also an economical solution for small and mid size businesses.

NPV will ensure that your cloud server is set up securely, and take charge of its maintenance. Read more about our Cloud Hosting service or our Virtual Hosting service.

Learn more about Cloud Hosting:

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