The NPV Commitment

When you work with NPV, we are committed to give you quality, courteous, and fast service. We bring a personal touch to every customer engagement and we view every customer relationship as a longterm partnership.

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  • Remote and on-site service by tech support professionals
  • Resolve tickets to satisfaction of ticket requester
  • Update organization within 2 hours of receiving a help desk request
  • Escalate a call to a more experienced colleague if it cannot be resolved within 20 minutes
  • Provide detailed explanations of tech problems and solutions on request
  • Assist staff members working from home with personal devices for organization work
  • Collaborate with the client’s other vendors if needed
  • Provide overviews, diagrams, and instructions to do commonly requested tasks
  • Weekly in-house meetings to review client situations
  • Clients are polled to evaluate how we are performing as a company



NPV is also an eco-friendly business, and we ensure that our IT practices are not detrimental to the environment. Accordingly, we recycle 100% of the electronics we dispose.

Our Process

We work swiftly to identify your needs and develop custom solutions. The process we use has been tested and proven successful with hundreds of clients for over 16 years.

How We Work